Learn new tools for symptom-support in survivorship and long-term cancer care with these mind-body practices.
Mindful Breathing for Scan Anxiety (Malik Cadwell)
This mindfulness-based meditation is focused on reducing feelings of anxiety, worry, and uncertainty you may experience before or during a scan. (7 minutes)
Guided Body Relaxation for Scan Anxiety (Tina Paul)
Move into a deep, relaxed state with this yoga nidra-inspired guided body relaxation exercise to support you when you go in for scans. (11 minutes)
Journey to Calm: A Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
This calming guided meditation helps support and sustain you if you are feeling anxious before a scan or other procedure. (12 minutes)
Loving Kindness Meditation (Emily Herzlin)
Practice this loving kindness meditation to help extend compassion to yourself and those around you. (11 minutes)
Calming Mindful Breathing for Scan Anxiety (Dr. Jun J. Mao)
Combining mindful breathing with savoring, this meditation creates a space where you can manage your anxiety and uncertainty before you go in for a scan. (15 minutes)
Mindful Breathing During Acupuncture (Dr. Jun J. Mao)
Allow this mindful breathing and savoring meditation guide you to a calm and relaxed place as you receive an acupuncture treatment. (40 minutes)