Newly Diagnosed
Access a broad selection of meditations focused on supporting people with a new cancer diagnosis. You can listen to these recordings at any time of day when you feel worried or concerned for the future. With regular practice, you can learn to better manage your reactions to these stressful feelings.
Calm Anxiety: Music
Listen to this soothing melody when you feel nervous and overwhelmed. (3 minutes)
Loving Kindness on the Guitar: Music
Enjoy listening to this musical arrangement following the spoken-word Loving-Kindness Meditation or at any other time. (5 minutes)
Mindful Breathing for Scan Anxiety (Malik Cadwell)
This mindfulness-based meditation is focused on reducing feelings of anxiety, worry, and uncertainty you may experience before or during a scan. (7 minutes)
Loving Kindness Meditation (Emily Herzlin)
Practice this loving kindness meditation to help extend compassion to yourself and those around you. (11 minutes)
Yoga Nidra (Joseph Glaser)
Use this yoga-inspired progressive muscle relaxation meditation to help you sleep soundly. (12 minutes)
Mindful Breathing Meditation (Emily Herzin)
Also called Awareness of Breath, this meditation is a useful tool when you feel stressed or anxious. (12 minutes)
Journey to Calm: A Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
This calming guided meditation helps support and sustain you if you are feeling anxious before a scan or other procedure. (12 minutes)
Mountain Meditation (Emily Herzlin)
Allow this mindfulness-based guided meditation to stabilize and ground you, helping alleviate feelings of anxiety or stress. (14 minutes)
Calming Mindful Breathing for Scan Anxiety (Dr. Jun J. Mao)
Combining mindful breathing with savoring, this meditation creates a space where you can manage your anxiety and uncertainty before you go in for a scan. (15 minutes)
Grassy Meadow: A Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
Return to nature with this guided meditation. Allow yourself to become more focused and present as you observe the calming, expansive surroundings. (16 minutes)
Day at the Beach: A Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
This guided meditation will help you ride the waves of emotion you may experience when you have been diagnosed with cancer. (25 minutes)