Survivorship: Scan Anxiety
A variety of meditation styles to help you manage the stress and uncertainty that accompany scans and their results.
Mindful Breathing for Scan Anxiety (Malik Cadwell)
This mindfulness-based meditation is focused on reducing feelings of anxiety, worry, and uncertainty you may experience before or during a scan. (7 minutes)
Guided Body Relaxation for Scan Anxiety (Tina Paul)
Move into a deep, relaxed state with this yoga nidra-inspired guided body relaxation exercise to support you when you go in for scans. (11 minutes)
Journey to Calm: A Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
This calming guided meditation helps support and sustain you if you are feeling anxious before a scan or other procedure. (12 minutes)
Calming Mindful Breathing for Scan Anxiety (Dr. Jun J. Mao)
Combining mindful breathing with savoring, this meditation creates a space where you can manage your anxiety and uncertainty before you go in for a scan. (15 minutes)