Jonathan E. Rosenberg

Jonathan E. Rosenberg, MD

Medical Oncologist


Chief, Genitourinary Medical Oncology Service, Division of Solid Tumor Oncology; Enno W. Ercklentz Chair

Clinical Expertise

Bladder Cancer; Ureter Cancer; Urachal Cancer; Renal Pelvis Cancer; Transitional Cell (Urothelial) Carcinoma; Urethral Cancer

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About Me


MD, Harvard Medical School


Internal Medicine - NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center


Medical Oncology - University of California Medical Center

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Medical Oncology

I am a medical oncologist who cares for people with genitourinary cancers. I have extensive experience treating urothelial cancers, which start in the bladder, ureters, renal pelvis, or urethra.

My interest in cancer was sparked as I watched my grandfather live with and ultimately pass away from prostate cancer. I witnessed firsthand the limited treatment options available for this disease in the 1980s. His experience inspired me to pursue a career in cancer research and treatment to improve outcomes for people with genitourinary cancers.

I see more than 1,000 patients every year. My goal is to tailor treatment according to each person’s needs and circumstances. I work as part of a team of cancer experts. We focus on all aspects of oncology to provide complete care for people with these diseases.

A urothelial cancer diagnosis can lead to understandable fear and confusion. When patients see me for the first time, they express concern about the extent of their illness, the available treatment options, and their prognosis. Educating patients to help them make informed decisions about their care is an important part of my job. I hope that people leave a visit with me with a better understanding of their condition and treatment options.

My research centers on developing treatment approaches and improving care for people with bladder cancer. My work includes understanding the genetic changes that lead to this cancer’s aggressiveness. I use those insights to develop new therapies. I also have a research interest in identifying useful predictive biomarkers. These tests help doctors pick treatments that may be more likely to work for a particular individual. I lead or participate in several studies that are testing these biomarkers.

I study new treatments that target cellular processes that fuel the growth and progression of bladder cancer and test new ways to harness the immune system to fight urothelial cancer. I lead multiple clinical trials evaluating targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, either alone or in various combinations. I have been a leader in the development of immunotherapy for people with urothelial cancer that has spread and led the clinical trial that resulted in the first new drug approval by the US Food and Drug Administration for urothelial cancer in more than 20 years. I was also principal investigator of another trial that led to the FDA’s Breakthrough Therapy Designation for a new drug for this disease.

I became Chief of MSK’s Genitourinary Oncology Service in 2018. Before that, I was the Section Head for non-prostate genitourinary cancers at MSK. Prior to arriving at MSK in 2012, I was Clinical Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Center and Director of the Bladder Cancer Center at the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center of Harvard Medical School.

I serve on several national committees dedicated to improving treatment for people with genitourinary cancers. I travel widely to speak about bladder cancer and immunotherapy, and I have presented my research at many national and international meetings.


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