Manu Jain, MD

Manu Jain, MD

Optical Imaging Specialist

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About Me


MD, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (India)


Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (India)


University College of Medical Sciences (India); L'Université Paris Descartes (France)

I am a research pathologist specializing in optical imaging techniques (i.e., in vivo/ex vivo microscopy), which are being explored in a research setting for non-invasive diagnosis of disease. I use my in-depth knowledge of histopathology as well as my expertise in reading optical images to analyze and validate findings. My career goal is to bring optical imaging from the bench to bedside, allowing for rapid real-time diagnosis that will improve clinical management and outcome for patients.

I am actively involved with confocal microscopy (CM), an optical imaging tool that has the ability to guide the diagnosis of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions, especially basal cell carcinoma (BCC), and has demonstrated impact on patient care. I am involved in a multicenter study to test the sensitivity and specificity for detection of BCC in surgically excised tissue, with the aim of validating confocal imaging in freshly excised ex vivo tissue as a means for guiding Mohs surgery. I am also working with a team of engineers and computational analysts to develop reliable parameters for computer-aided diagnosis to create mathematical models for quantitative analysis of confocal images of skin for in vivo diagnosis.

Before joining MSK, I was a research pathologist in the departments of urology and surgical pathology at Weill Cornell Medical College, where I worked with other optical imaging techniques such as multiphoton microscopy and full-field optical coherence tomography.

I have published many peer-reviewed articles in reputed journals and also co-authored two book chapters and presented my work at multiple national and international meetings. I am currently creating atlases on optical imaging to educate clinicians, surgeons, and pathologists on integrating optical imaging tools into routine diagnostic workflow.


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Research and Publications

Manu Jain, and Ashfaq A Marghoob. Integrating clinical, dermoscopy, and reflectance confocal microscopy findings into correctly identifying a nevoid melanoma. JAAD Case Reports 2017; 3:505-8.

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