Financial Assistance Programs: How MSK Can Support You During Treatment

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This information explains financial assistance programs that may help you during your cancer treatment.

Help us help you during your treatment

At MSK, we care about your overall health, not just your cancer diagnosis. Cancer treatment affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It also can affect you financially. Costs related to treatment can make it harder to pay for cancer treatment, transportation, or housing.

It is important to talk with your care team about any problems with money and paying your bills. They can connect you to resources at MSK that can help.

Programs offered at MSK

MSK’s Financial Assistance Program

This program provides financial help for medical bills for patients in need. Eligible patients who have money problems can have their hospital bills paid by this program.

Visit to learn more about this program.

Call 646-227-3378 for more information.

Insurance counseling

MSK Patient Financial Services can help during your treatment at MSK. They can answer questions and explain your insurance and payment options. You can meet with them in person or talk with them by phone.

Visit to learn more.

Ask for your Patient Access Coordinator while you are at the hospital. You can also call Patient Billing Services at 646-227-3378.

Prescription assistance programs

MSK Patient Financial Services can help you apply for programs offered by drug companies and foundations. These programs help patients having trouble paying for their prescriptions. They can cover the cost of co-pays for prescription medications.

To learn more about these programs, talk with your care team. They can put you in contact with your PFS Patient Access Coordinator.

Help with other needs

Social workers at MSK can help you with your social and emotional needs during treatment. They also can help patients having trouble paying for basic needs, such as transportation and housing.

Please ask to talk with your MSK social worker to learn more about this program.

Visit for more information about our insurance help and financial assistance programs.

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

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