Transitioning Your Breast Cancer Care from MSK to Your Local Doctor

This information explains how your breast cancer care will be transitioned from Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) to your local doctor. It also answers some frequently asked questions.

Your Care at MSK

At MSK, we have a plan of care for people who have completed treatment for breast cancer. This plan is based on your individual needs. You have passed the time when most problems from breast cancer happen. This means you can start seeing your local doctor for your future healthcare needs. This transition may seem scary at first, but we’re here to help you.

Transition to your local doctor

Your MSK doctor or survivorship NP will send your local doctor a detailed summary of your care at MSK and copies of your test results. This report will also include any recommendations based on the breast cancer treatment you received.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need any other care for my breast cancer?

You should have a breast and chest wall exam every year. You should also have a mammogram, if you need to.

Can I still have my mammogram at MSK?

It’s your choice. You can have your mammograms done by your local radiologist or you can continue getting them at MSK.

If you want to have your mammograms done by your local radiologist, we can give you a disk of your old mammogram images for comparison.

If you want to continue getting your mammograms at MSK, you can go to the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast and Imaging Center at 300 East 66th Street (at Second Avenue) or any other MSK regional site. You will need to call the location of your choice to schedule your mammogram appointment.

You will also need a prescription from your local doctor so that your test results can be sent to that office.

What other care will I need?

You should follow your local doctor’s recommendations for routine health screenings, including gynecological exams and bone density tests. We can send your test results to your doctor and they will order them in the future. It’s important to take care of your bone health especially if you took hormonal therapy.

You should continue to follow our recommendations for diet and exercise. You can take your supplements or medications as prescribed.

What other blood tests will I need?

You no longer need blood tests related to your breast cancer. Your local doctor will order tests related to your general health.

I see other MSK doctors. Can I continue to do so?

You may transfer any other care you receive at MSK to either your primary care doctor or a specialist in your community. Talk with your MSK specialist and local doctors about planning your care.

What if I have another problem related to breast cancer and need to come back to MSK?

If you have any problems related to breast cancer, we want you to come back to MSK. We will give you and your local doctor contact information to make an appointment. As a returning patient, you can make an appointment by calling 866-280-0449.

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