Treatment for Metastatic Brain Cancer

Pictured: Lisa DeAngelis

Neuro-oncologist and acting Physician-in-Chief Lisa DeAngelis helps care for people with metastatic brain cancer.

After we diagnose your cancer, we customize a plan of care for you that fits your unique needs. Our experts in metastatic brain tumors consider many factors when creating your treatment plan. These include the number of tumors in your brain, where they’re located, and the condition of your overall health.

We may recommend surgery, radiation, or a combination of these to treat your disease. Most metastatic brain tumors don’t get better with chemotherapy, so we rarely recommend it. If you’re uncomfortable because of swelling (edema) in your brain, we may prescribe corticosteroids to lessen the pressure and make you feel more comfortable.

A number of people who come to us with metastatic brain cancer enroll in one of our clinical trials. These research studies assess new approaches to treating the disease.

Rehabilitation is also a key part of your care. We’re dedicated to helping you manage the side effects of treatment. We offer occupational and physical therapy and have a special program for speech and hearing issues.