Treatment for Brain Metastases

Treatment for Brain Metastases

Neuro-oncologist Lisa DeAngelis talking to another MSK staff member in an office.

Neuro-oncologist Lisa DeAngelis is also Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Physician-in-Chief and Chief Medical Officer. MSK care teams include multiple experts who will devise the right care plan for you.

To create your treatment plan, our experts assess the number and location of tumors and your overall health. We may recommend surgeryradiation, or a combination to treat your disease. Most brain metastases do not get better with chemotherapy, so we rarely recommend it.

Your Treatment Plan

Before we recommend any treatment, you will talk with the care team at our Multidisciplinary Brain Metastasis Center. You will meet with a surgeon and radiation oncologist (a doctor who uses radiation to treat cancer). You may also see a medical oncologist (a doctor who uses drugs to treat cancer). These experts will evaluate you and find the best care plan for you.

You may be able to join one of our clinical trials. These research studies explore new treatments for brain metastases. 

We will help you manage the side effects of treatment. Rehabilitation is an important part of your care. Physical and occupational therapy can help you get back to your daily activities and we also have a special program for speech and hearing problems. 

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