Follow-Up Care & Support for Male Breast Cancer

Follow-Up Care & Support for Male Breast Cancer


At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we are dedicated to helping male breast cancer survivors live their lives to the fullest after treatment. We offer comprehensive follow-up care for men who have been treated here as part of our institution-wide Survivorship Initiative.

Your follow-up care is provided by nurse practitioners who are specialists in the care of breast cancer survivors. In addition to monitoring for signs of cancer recurrence, we focus on identifying, preventing, and controlling any long-term and late effects associated with cancer and its treatment.

A visit with the nurse practitioner includes the following:

  • review of your recent medical history and a physical examination
  • assessment to detect recurrence of cancer
  • identification and management of the effects of cancer and its treatment
  • screening referrals for other cancers
  • health promotion recommendations related to nutritionexercise, and smoking cessation
  • treatment summary and follow-up care plan
  • consultation with your MSK physician as needed

In addition to working closely with your treatment team, your nurse practitioners provide a treatment summary and survivorship care plan to you, your primary care doctor, and other medical providers. Your physicians can then incorporate this information into your overall medical plan. After each visit, your nurse practitioner will continue to update your other medical providers.

As your need for cancer care decreases, your follow-up care may transition to your primary care physician. The timing for this depends on your particular cancer and treatment. MSK experts are always available if you or your doctors ever have a cancer-related question or if a new cancer-related problem arises.

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