Living Beyond Cancer

Pictured: Michael Quinlan

Following robotic surgery for prostate cancer, Michael Quinlan is now restored to health and has resumed his career as a working actor.

Thanks to advances in detection and treatment, more people than ever before are surviving cancer.

But many also have questions about what happens as they move into life beyond the disease. You may wonder how to navigate this new stage, from handling fears that your cancer could return, to being intimate with another person, or whether it’s safe to exercise like you used to, for example. How can you begin to thrive? It’s natural to be unsure of what’s next.

We want to help you anticipate and manage these and other challenges. Although we recognize that people have unique needs and may even have different definitions for this “survivorship” period, as we call it at Memorial Sloan Kettering, we often see some common questions and concerns.

Our goal is to help you find support as well as practical solutions as you move forward — to living beyond cancer.