Find a Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Expert

Find a Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Expert


The management of gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) tumors is a highly specialized area within the field of gynecology, in part because it is so rare. Our experts have extensive experience and specialized training in diagnosing and treating early and advanced forms of GTD.

Learn more about our GTD specialists, their education, training, board certifications, current publications, and specific areas of clinical expertise:

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Carol Aghajanian, MD
Carol Aghajanian

Chief, Gynecologic Medical Oncology Service; Avon Chair in Gynecologic Oncology Research

Ahmed Al-Niaimi
Ahmed Al-Niaimi

Attending Surgeon, Section of Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Seth Cohen
Seth Cohen

Associate Attending Physician

Jacqueline Feinberg
Jacqueline Feinberg

Assistant Attending Surgeon

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Ying Liu
Ying Liu

Lead, Inherited Gynecologic Cancer Program

MSK gynecologic surgeon Jennifer Mueller
Jennifer Mueller

Head, Endometrial Cancer Section, Gynecologic Oncology Service, Department of Surgery

Social Work
Pictured: Meredith Cammarata
Meredith Cammarata
Johanna Tappen
Johanna Tappen

Senior Clinical Social Worker

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