Glioma Clinical Trials


At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we are constantly working to improve our treatment strategies and extend survival for people with a glioma. This includes making advances in surgery and radiation therapy, as well as developing new drug therapies.

Gliomas tend to vary in makeup. A treatment that works against some cells might not work against others. Our scientists are also making progress in understanding the genetic subtypes of glioblastomas. This research is enabling better classification of these tumors according to their underlying biology. The ultimate goal is to create focused drugs that can target specific mutations.

At MSK, we use precision medicine in our treatment of gliomas. All MSK patients have access to a test called MSK-IMPACT™. This can determine if a tumor has mutations that make it eligible for targeted therapies. We have seen dramatic responses to drugs that attack a unique genetic vulnerability in a tumor. These medicines are commercially available or available through clinical trials.

Nearly every treatment that is available today exists because of a clinical trial. MSK currently has several open clinical trials testing new drugs and therapies for people with a glioma. In addition to our main location in Manhattan, we have neuro-oncologists at MSK regional sites, where we also offer clinical trials.

Our experts can help determine which clinical trial is right for you, including some of our newly opened clinical trials:

For a list of available clinical trials for gliomas, visit our clinical trial finder.

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