Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Treatment for Ovarian Cancer


More than ever before, refinements in surgical techniques and how we care for women after surgery are improving outcomes for women at all stages of ovarian cancer. At Memorial Sloan Kettering, our treatment approach for you will depend in large part on the stage of your cancer.

When diagnosed early, before it has spread (stage 1 disease), skilled surgery can lead to long-term survival in more than 90 to 95 percent of women.

At MSK, some women at this early stage are cured by surgery alone, which is one of the reasons we’re so interested in finding reliable new ways to detect the disease at the earliest point possible.

MSK can offer you a unique level of surgical care, with experts dedicated solely to the surgical treatment of women with ovarian cancer.

Recent enhancements have also been made to chemotherapy regimens, such as intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and in finding immune system therapies. And we have numerous clinical trials for ovarian cancer underway at any given time, which means you might well have treatment options with us that aren’t available elsewhere.

Developing a Care Plan for You

As an MSK patient, you will be cared for by a team of experts in surgery, medical oncology, pathology, and other areas, who meet regularly to discuss your treatment plan. Including specialists from different specialties – in addition to your one or two primary doctors – ensures that we consider all possible options for you, and that you receive the best possible care for your individual needs.

And as part of a comprehensive cancer center, at MSK you and your family will have access to counseling and other supportive services.

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