Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium

The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium (PCCTC) is a 13-member clinical research group sponsored by the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP), with its Coordinating Center headquartered at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Members of the consortium include:

Capitalizing on their long histories of collaboration, scientific expertise, and unique institutional resources, members of the PCCTC work together on a single mission: to design, implement, and complete hypothesis-driven phase I and phase II trials in prostate cancer, translating scientific discoveries to improved standards of care for patients.

To facilitate this objective, the Coordinating Center has created a new paradigm for collaborative drug development, implementing an organizational structure that allows transparent project co-development between investigators, clinical sites, and research sponsors. The PCCTC offers multiple services including expedited concept and protocol review, standardized protocol and contract language, and centralized data management — which have accelerated trial activation, conduct, completion, and analysis.

Patients and advocates wanting to learn more about prostate cancer and available PCCTC clinical trials can visit the consortium’s Web site at Sponsors interested in conducting a trial with the PCCTC are encouraged to contact an investigator at any member institution, or email for more information.