Follow-Up Care & Support for Prostate Cancer

Follow-Up Care & Support for Prostate Cancer


At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we know that even though you may have finished your cancer treatments, there are still many ways we can help you live a full life —from addressing any side affects you may have to monitoring your health carefully over time. In addition to watching for signs that your cancer has returned, we focus on identifying, preventing, and controlling any long-term and late effects (side effects that come up long after active treatment is over, even years later) associated with cancer and its treatment.

You may experience physical and emotional changes in your sexual health related to prostate cancer and its treatments. Learn more about the personalized support and therapies our experts provide to address your sexual health concerns.

After you’ve finished your medical treatments, one of our specialized nurses will periodically:

  • review your recent medical history and do a physical examination
  • look for any signs that cancer has come back
  • refer you for screening for other cancers when indicated
  • discuss methods to prevent new health problems and make health recommendations related to nutrition, exercise, and quitting tobacco use

Your follow-up care team works closely with your doctors to put together a treatment summary and follow-up care plan and will connect you to your doctors as needed.

The nurse practitioners on your team also provide your survivorship care plan. It’s given to you, your primary care doctor, and other medical providers who are part of your overall medical plan. After each visit at MSK, the nurse practitioner will continue to update your other medical providers.

As you need less cancer care over time, we may transition your follow-up care to your primary care physician. The timing for this depends on your particular cancer and treatment. We’re always available if you or your doctors ever have a cancer-related question or if a new cancer-related problem arises.

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