Follow-Up Care

After your treatment for a sarcoma, our medical oncologists will want to continue to see you regularly, with the timing of medical appointments and scans depending on the risk that your particular sarcoma may return or spread.

Although each patient is different, the lungs are the most common organ to which soft tissue sarcomas spread. Tumors that are larger or higher grade (with cells that look abnormal under a microscope) have a higher risk of recurrence and metastasis. If this is the case for you, the doctor may recommend more frequent and longer-term follow-up care than if you have a lower-grade or relatively smaller tumor.

In patients whose disease returns, the recurrence typically appears in the first three years after treatment. After five years, recurrence of most sarcomas is rare. However, very late recurrences are possible, which is why our team of experts usually monitors patients for a minimum of ten years — allowing for the rapid and often effective treatment of returning cancers.