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Follow-Up Care

Once you’ve completed treatment for soft tissue sarcoma, we’ll want you to come back at regular intervals so we can monitor you for side effects of treatment and signs that the cancer has returned.

These checkups may include a physical exam, x-rays or other imaging tests, and biopsies.

Sarcoma tends to recur within the first three years after treatment. After five years, it’s rare for a sarcoma to come back. That said, we usually monitor people for at least 10 years. This approach enables us to keep you healthy by acting quickly if we see any signs of the disease returning.

Note that while each person is different, the lungs are the most common organ to which soft tissue sarcoma spreads — and tumors that are larger or higher grade, with cells that look abnormal under a microscope, are more likely to return or spread. If this is a risk for you, we may recommend more frequent and longer-term follow-up care than if you have a lower-grade or relatively smaller tumor.