Spine Tumors & Spinal Cancer Selected Publications

Spine Tumors & Spinal Cancer Selected Publications

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Below are selected publications from our spine tumor experts. Clicking on the name of the publication will take you to the reference and to the abstract in PubMed.

1M. H. Bilsky, E. Lis, J. Raizer, H. Lee, P. Boland, The diagnosis and treatment of metastatic spinal tumors, Oncologist, 4(6),1999: 459-69. [PubMed Abstract]

2M. H. Bilsky and M. Smith, Surgical approach to epidural spinal cord compression, Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America 20(6), 2006: 1307-17. [PubMed Abstract]

3Y. Yamada, M. H. Bilsky, D. M. Lovelock, E. S. Venkatraman, S. Toner, J. Johnson, J. Zatcky, M. J. Zelefsky, and Z. Fuks, High-dose, single-fraction image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy for metastatic lesions of the spinal column, International Journal of Radiation Oncology * Biology * Physics, published online 28 January 2008. [PubMed Abstract]

4M.H. Bilsky, P. Gerszten, I. Laufer, Y. Yamada, Radiation for primary spine tumors, Neurosurgery Clinics of North America, Jan;19(1), 2008: 119-23. [PubMed Abstract]

5Y. Yamada, M. Lovelock, M. H. Bilsky, Image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy, Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, May;6(3), 2006: 207-11. Review. [PubMed Abstract]

6Y. Yamada, D. M. Lovelock, and M. H. Bilsky, A review of image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy for spinal tumors, Neurosurgery 61(2), 2007: 226-35; discussion 235. [PubMed Abstract]

7B. S. Glatt, J. J. Disa, B. J. Mehrara, A. L. Pusic, P. Boland, P. G. Cordeiro, Reconstruction of extensive partial or total sacrectomy defects with a transabdominal vertical rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap. Annals of Plastic Surgery. May;56(5), 2006: 526-30; discussion 530-1. [PubMed Abstract]

8K. C. Conlon, P. J. Boland, Laparoscopically assisted radical sacrococcygectomy. A new operative approach to large sacrococcygeal chordomas. Surgical Endoscopy. Nov;11(11), 1997: 1118-22. [PubMed Abstract]

9M. D. Stubblefield, M. H. Bilsky, Barriers to rehabilitation of the neurosurgical spine cancer patient. Journal of Surgical Oncology, Apr 1;95(5), 2007: 419-26. [PubMed Abstract]

10M. D. Stubblefield, A. Levine, C. M. Custodio, T. Fitzpatrick, The role of botulinum toxin type A in the radiation fibrosis syndrome: a preliminary report. Archives of Physical Medical Rehabilitation. Mar; 89(3), 2008: 417-21.[PubMed Abstract]

11Y. Yamada, D. M. Lovelock, K. M. Yenice, M. H. Bilsky, M. A. Hunt, J. Zatcky, and S. A. Leibel, Multifractionated image-guided and stereotactic intensity-modulated radiotherapy of paraspinal tumors: a preliminary report, International Journal of Radiation Oncology * Biology * Physics 62(1), 2005: 53-61. [PubMed Abstract]

12J. L. Wright, D. M. Lovelock, M. H. Bilsky, S. Toner, J. Zatcky, and Y. Yamada, Clinical outcomes after reirradiation of paraspinal tumors, American Journal of Clinical Oncology 29(5), 2006: 495-502. [PubMed Abstract]

13D. M. Lovelock, C. Hua, P. Wang, M. Hunt, N. Fournier-Bidoz, K. Yenice, S. Toner, W. Lutz, H. Amols, M. H. Bilsky, Z. Fuks, and Y. Yamada, Accurate setup of paraspinal patients using a noninvasive patient immobilization cradle and portal imaging, Medical Physics 32(8), 2005: 2606-14. [PubMed Abstract]

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