Follow-Up Care & Support for Thyroid Cancer

Follow-Up Care & Support for Thyroid Cancer


Thyroid cancer experts know that even though you may have finished your treatment for cancer, there are still many ways we can help you live a full life. We can help you stay healthy and feeling your best over time.

In addition to watching for signs that thyroid cancer has returned, we focus on identifying, preventing, and controlling any side effects that come up. At regularly scheduled visits, our thyroid cancer survivorship nurse will:

  • review your recent medical history and do a physical examination
  • look for any signs that cancer has come back
  • refer you for screening for other cancers when indicated
  • make healthy lifestyle recommendations, including advising you on nutrition, exercise, and tobacco cessation

MSK Thyroid Survivorship Nurse Provider

Most people transfer their long-term medical care to a local endocrinologist. We’ve built a successful Thyroid Survivorship Program in which a nurse who specializes in thyroid cancer helps you arrange for follow-up visits and care in your community — with easy access back to your MSK team if needed at any point.

This program includes a special, dedicated email address and phone number for local doctors and patients to use.

No matter what, your MSK team is always available if you or your doctors have a cancer-related question or if a new cancer-related problem comes up.

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