Thyroid Cancer Clinical Trials & Research

Thyroid Cancer Clinical Trials & Research


Memorial Sloan Kettering is known for its innovative research into all stages of thyroid cancer. We combine our understanding of the biology of thyroid cancer into findings that guide how best to diagnose and treat people with the disease in the most precise and effective way.

One of the many benefits we can offer you is the chance to participate in clinical trials. These research studies test the safety and effectiveness of new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. If you’re eligible to take part, you may have access to new treatment options that aren’t widely available elsewhere.

We not only start clinical trials to improve the detection and treatment of thyroid cancer but also participate in most major thyroid cancer clinical trials taking place around the country.

We’re proud to have a Special Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) grant from the National Cancer Institute to develop new approaches and therapies for people with thyroid cancer.

If participating in a thyroid cancer clinical trial is a good option for you, we can help you find the research study that best fits your needs.

Improving Lives through Thyroid Cancer Research

MSK researchers and physicians have made many contributions to the understanding of how and why thyroid cancer develops – and how to best treat it.

Among other discoveries, we:

  • characterized the “genetic fingerprint” to predict responsiveness to radioactive iodine therapy for papillary thyroid cancer, and the likelihood of disease spread
  • identified hurthle cell carcinoma as its own, distinct type of cancer
  • did comprehensive genomic studies on anaplastic and poorly differentiated thyroid cancer that are now leading the way to new therapies

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