Continuing Education Overview

Faculty participating in clinical research

The faculty in the Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care engage in basic and clinical research to improve the quality of care for cancer patients.

The Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care offers health care professionals a wide variety of educational opportunities, including conferences, symposiums, and CME’s.

  • Conferences
    The Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care host an annual Perioperative Cancer Conference. This international meeting is the work of leading anesthesiologists from several cancer centers of excellence worldwide.
  • Faculty Development
    To train the next generation of leaders in anesthesiology, the department supports ongoing mentorship.
  • Medical Simulation
    The department incorporates medical simulation in our clinical practice on a quarterly basis. Medical Simulation is an opportunity to rehearse medical emergencies to improve patient outcomes and team functioning.
  • Thoracic Symposium
    The thoracic symposium was recently developed to address the perioperative management of cancer patients with complex thoracic pathology.