Medical Student Opportunities

Medical Student Opportunities

Medical student Kimberly Forlenza

Medical student Kimberly Forlenza (far right) along with fellow students observing presentation from instructor

The Department of Neurology offers a number of clinical electives to final-year medical students from around the globe.

Cancer Rehabilitation
This elective gives medical students outpatient-focused experience with adult and pediatric patients with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal complications.

Clinical Neurology Consult Service Subinternship
Through this subinternship, medical students have the opportunity to join one of Memorial Hospital’s busiest services, the Neurology Consult Service.

Clinical Neurology Subinternship (N-102)
This elective provides medical students with the opportunity to function as an intern on the neurology unit at Memorial Hospital.

Neuropharmacology of Opioid Peptides & Their Receptors (N-110)
During this elective, the medical student will be involved in the biochemical evaluation of opiate receptors and endogenous opioids within the central nervous system.

Receptor Mechanisms in Opioid Pharmacology (PHARM-216)
During this elective, the medical student will engage in active laboratory research into the molecular mechanisms of action of morphine, opiates, and the opioid peptides.


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