Clinical Neurology Consult Service Subinternship


Through the subinternship students have the opportunity to join one of Memorial Hospital’s busiest services, the Neurology Consult Service. The broad exposure to patients throughout Memorial Hospital provides a rich opportunity for students to learn neurology within the context of a cancer hospital. Students may care for patients with an exceptional array of diagnoses - from chemotherapy-induced neuropathies to encephalopathy from varies causes - as well as critically ill patients both in the emergency setting and in the ICU.

Students are on call (until 10pm) every third to sixth night and participate fully in attending rounds, and conferences of both the Memorial Sloan Kettering and the Cornell Departments of Neurology. Attending rounds are conducted daily by one of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s full-time attending neurologists. In addition, there is morning report with the department chairman, neuroradiology rounds to review imaging studies, monthly neuropathology conference, and weekly professor rounds.

Learning objectives

Under the supervision of a resident and an attending neurologist, students will:

  1. Learn to independently assess and care for inpatients with a vast array of neurological problems, which may or may not be related to their primary diagnosis of cancer

  2. Observe, and when possible, under supervision, perform neurodiagnostic tests such as lumbar puncture

  3. Develop further proficiency in the details of the neurologic examination and an appreciation for its role in the care of sick patients

  4. Participate in family meetings, further develop empathy, and identify positive role models to help further develop these essential clinical skills

  5. Further develop oral and written presentation skills

For the program calendar, please see the elective module dates section of our website.