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Physical therapists Amanda Molnar and Nicole Kasven

Physical therapists Amanda Molnar (left) and Nicole Kasven help patients regain strength, mobility, and independence.

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The Department of Neurology at Memorial Sloan Kettering provides care for people with all types of primary brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, metastatic tumors involving the nervous system, and para-neoplastic neurological disorders. We also offer diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients who develop neurological disorders unrelated to cancer.

Our care team develops personalized treatment plans that address the complexity of each case, consider the physical and mental impact of the treatment, and utilize cutting-edge therapies and technologies.

Developing the best treatment plan for each patient relies on seamless communication and collaboration among many experts on our teams, and on a comprehensive evaluation of the central nervous system.

Learn more about how we assess patients:

  • Neuro-Physiology 
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology 
  • Neuro-Psychology
  • Molecular Tumor Profile 
  • Neuro-Imaging 

Clinical Trials, Laboratory Research, and the focused translation of new approaches from the laboratory to the clinic in the NORTH Program help us develop new therapies.

Working in close collaboration with us, the Rehabilitation Medicine Service – made of physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and others — aims to improve the level of function and quality of life of adult and pediatric neurology patients. We also work closely with our colleagues in Radiation Oncology  and Neurosurgery, and hold joint Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board Meetings each week.