Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations


The Department of Nursing encompasses a wide range of roles, including: 

  • registered nurses
  • nurse practitioners 
  • nursing professional development specialists 
  • clinical nurse specialists
  • unlicensed assistive personnel 
  • clinical research nurses
  • physician referral coordinators 
  • nursing clinical analysts 
  • case managers 
  • certified registered nurse anesthetists 

Everything we do clinically — from new initiatives to well-established practices —depends on the nursing team’s excellence, which  is a hallmark of care at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

We have expertise in the following key specialty areas:

Acute Care Nursing Services

Acute care nurses staff nine inpatient units (organized by disease site) that require proficiency in the complex medical and surgical management of patients with a particular cancer. This approach fosters a close bond between nurses, patients, and families while also supporting our strong primary care nursing model.

Critical Care and Pediatric Nursing Services

Our critical care and pediatric nurses focus on managing our patients’ complex non-cancer-related comorbidities and provide an increased level of care with an emphasis on early intervention. These nurses also demonstrate expertise in subspecialized and age-appropriate care for our pediatric patients and support their entire family during the cancer diagnosis and treatment experience.

Included in critical care and pediatrics are the Intensive Care Unit; Surgical Acute Care Unit; Cardiac Intermediate Care Unit; inpatient Pediatric Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center for outpatient visits, treatments, and procedures; and Urgent Care Center.

Perioperative Nursing Services

Perioperative services provide comprehensive nursing care for patients undergoing diagnostic, interventional, and surgical procedures during the pre-, intra-, and postoperative and procedural phases of care. Same-day outpatient and short-stay surgical cases are performed at the Josie Robertson Surgical Center.

Outpatient Nursing Services

We provide comprehensive outpatient care services for teen, adult, and geriatric patients across MSK’s Manhattan, Brooklyn, and suburban outpatient locations. Some outpatient nurses collaboratively manage patients within office practices, while others administer outpatient chemotherapy, assist in diagnostic testing, and support patients receiving radiation treatment. The outpatient team also includes nurse practitioners who staff cancer screening centers and clinical research nurses who facilitate, monitor, and support patients enrolled in clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Nursing Services

Clinical trials nurses, clinical trials nurse practitioners, and clinical trials nurse leaders provide care and continuity to clinical trial participants across settings: inpatient, outpatient, and the Regional Care Network. Clinical trials nurses (CTNs) integrate our expertise into the care of clinical trial participants, ensuring compliance with protocol procedures, assessments, and symptom management. Most importantly, CTNs act as patients’ advocates, ensuring adherence to ethical practices during the conduct of clinical trials to protect the rights and well-being of patients and the collection and reporting of quality data.

Diagnostic Interventional and Procedural Nursing Services

Radiology services include interventional radiology, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, mammography, diagnostic radiology, and molecular imaging and therapy.

Patient Flow

The Patient Flow Command Center (PFCC) features a multidisciplinary team that includes staff members from Nursing, Admitting, Environmental Services, and Nursing Support Services. All activities and processes related to patient admissions and placement go through the PFCC, ensuring a collaborative, thoughtful decision-making process that considers overall patient flow as well as the needs of each individual.