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In order to staff research and patient programs that operate 24 hours a day, Memorial Sloan Kettering offers postdoctoral researchers the option to reside in Center-owned housing. If we don’t have enough space to accommodate all research and clinical trainees who need it, we help them obtain other rental apartments in the neighborhood.

Living in Memorial Sloan Kettering Housing

We have housing options throughout the Upper East Side of Manhattan and on Roosevelt Island, which is convenient to the main campus. The Upper East Side has an abundance of restaurants, cultural activities, and neighborhood charm. On Roosevelt Island we provide our trainees with modern apartments; superior amenities, including lounge and entertainment space; common patios; and park-like surroundings with spectacular Manhattan skyline views. Residents on Roosevelt Island are also eligible for our childcare center, which provides first-class services for infants and children up to five years of age. 

Applying for Housing

To begin the housing assignment process, your sponsor or department chair must submit a written request to the Housing Office. Given the great demand for housing, we suggest that this request be made as soon as you have accepted a position at Memorial Sloan Kettering, ideally nine months before your arrival. Assignments are made based on the following criteria: application date, apartment type, affordability, family size, overall apartment availability, and institutional priorities. When you receive your apartment assignment, the Housing Office staff will provide you with information about your apartment and building, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have at that time.

Occupancy Limits

We currently have a three-year limit on occupancy. This limit enables us to provide housing for as many postdoctoral researchers as possible. If you are in training for longer than three years, you will need to find independent housing by the end of your third year. We understand that this policy may cause you some inconvenience, but it’s essential for us to provide housing to new, incoming postdoctoral researchers.

You have the option of filing a request for an extension, which will be reviewed by senior administration. Short housing extensions, for less than one year, are granted on a limited basis for extenuating circumstances related to childcare or schooling, medical conditions, or the start date of your next position. Extensions are granted to match the start date of your next job if the job has been secured, the start date has been set and is within nine months from the date of the termination of your three year housing term limit. Please be assured that if you are required to move out of housing before your training is completed, we will make referrals to real estate brokers who have agreements with us and will assist you in finding suitable housing. Information and details are available through the Housing Office.

Broker Service Assistance

In the event that your housing extension is declined by Sloan Kettering Institute administration but you are continuing your employment with Memorial Sloan Kettering, we can provide broker service assistance. If you accept broker service assistance, please be advised that the Internal Revenue Service categorizes brokerage fees paid by the Center as imputable income. This means that if a broker designated by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Housing Department charges fees and Memorial Sloan Kettering pays those fees, appropriate income taxes will be withheld from one of your paychecks. You will see these taxes levied on the FICA, Medicare, and federal, state, and local tax lines on the paycheck.

Maintenance Issues

Center-owned buildings have live-in superintendents who act as property caretakers. They perform all cleaning and maintenance tasks. If you have a maintenance problem, you may contact the Work Orders Department at 212-639-3164 or email for assistance. Your building superintendent will also be able to answer specific questions you may have regarding your apartment or building. Other services vary depending on the building, so please confirm your building’s services with the Housing Office when you receive your assignment.

In addition to superintendent services, all Memorial Sloan Kettering residential buildings maintain 24-hour coverage for off-hour emergencies in the form of on-call maintenance personnel. The operator can be reached by calling 212-639-7886. If you have any questions regarding on-call coverage, please contact the Housing Office.

Off-Hour Car Service for Roosevelt Island

We no longer offer a car service, it’s a shuttle bus. If you would like more information, please email and a staff member will contact you. 

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