Teen and Young Adult Program

Are you an older teen or a young adult with cancer? Feeling restless, bored, or alone during your treatment? Wondering if anyone else your age is possibly around?

You might not know it, but at any given time, Memorial Sloan Kettering is treating hundreds of teenagers and young adults with cancer, and we’ve created programs just for you.

Teen and Young Adult Program at MSK (TYA  @  MSK)

TYA  @  MSK was created to give patients between the ages of 16 and young adulthood a way to connect. We’re about building community and sharing information, as well as providing teens and young adults some distance from medical issues and ways to focus on being themselves. 

Here’s some of what we offer:

  • The Lounge, a place to hang with peers and engage in activities and events
  • The Peer-2-Peer Network, a program that puts you in touch with others your age who have completed treatment
  • The TYA App, which helps you stay connected with other patients and those who’ve completed treatment, explore resources, ask questions, and receive information

Our program is here for you regardless of what type of cancer you have, what type of treatment you’re receiving, or where you receive treatment within MSK, whether as an inpatient or an outpatient in Manhattan or at one of our other locations.

The Lounge: A Place to Connect

The Lounge gives you and your guests a space to hang out and relax.

Check out our:

  • kitchen stocked with snacks
  • TV with cable and movies
  • art supplies and classes
  • video games and tournaments
  • dry-erase graffiti wall
  • movie nights
  • computer stations
  • board games
  • books and resources
  • weekly programming and special events


The Lounge is located on the 14th floor of the Bobst Building in Room 1482B.

You can enter at 68th Street (444 East 68th Street) and take the B elevator to the 14th floor. From the hospital, walk through the 15th floor Recreation Center in the M building (Memorial Hospital).

Our Collaborators

The TYA Lounge was developed through the generous support of Teen Cancer America and Who Cares.

Peer-2-Peer Network: A Way to Meet

Peer-2-Peer seeks to support your experience by connecting you with someone who has completed treatment and who can share his or her knowledge about navigating MSK and being a young person with cancer. Whether you have one conversation or build a lasting friendship, some of your best resources can be each other.

The App: Coming in 2017

The TYA App is a safe and protected way for you to:

  • Meet other young adults in treatment and beyond.
  • Ask questions of your peers and MSK clinicians.
  • Post to a daily newsfeed.
  • Find resources.
  • Get alerts about programming and events.
  • And more!

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about TYA  @  MSK or the Lounge, email us at Tyaprogram@mskcc.org