Support Services

A young woman visiting a doctor at MSK

At the Lisa and Scott Stuart Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers, there many resources and services.

The Lisa and Scott Stuart Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers is creating a community within MSK made up of providers who are passionate about supporting adolescents and young adults through their experience at MSK. We are a resource for you, where you can get answers to your questions and address your unique goals, experiences and needs.

We work in collaboration with your primary care team and specialty services. Through connecting the expertise of MSK departments, we aim to improve access for you to services related to:

Learn more about resources for adolescents and young adults with cancer.

Resources for Adolescents and Young Adults 

In additional to your support at MSK, check out these resources to connect with people who understand what it means to be a young adult with cancer:

  • Wellness House: offers virtual workshops and networking for young adult cancer patients.
  • Stupid Cancer: cancer information that specifically supports patients age 15-39.
  • Cactus Cancer Society: online cancer support and resources exclusively for young adults.
  • Elephants and Tea: a collection of writing by current and former AYAs in cancer treatment.
  • True North Treks: helps teens and young adults with cancer find direction and connection through free, weeklong backpacking and canoeing “treks” in nature.
  • Dear Jack Foundation: provides programming to address physical and emotional needs of AYA cancer patients.
  • 13thirty: provides AYA-specific resources and a place to connect.
  • Cancer & Careers: advice, resources and education on navigating cancer and possible work issues.
  • The Samfund: provide support to young adults who are struggling financially because of cancer. Through direct financial assistance and free online support and education, we help young adults survive and move forward with their lives after cancer.