Comskil: Communication Skills Training Program & Research Laboratory

Comskil Director, Patricia A. Parker teaching a class
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An introduction to the Communication Skills Training Program and Research Laboratory
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Since 2005, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s innovative Comskil program has been teaching clinicians, across all disciplines, how to communicate with cancer patients and their families in challenging situations. As the nation’s first formally structured communication initiative at a comprehensive cancer center, the program aims to find the most effective and lasting approaches for guiding clinicians in serving patients across the cancer trajectory. Each year, more than 100 clinicians participate in our Comskil training program.

This unique program has a dedicated team of teachers, facilitators, and program staff. Training sessions consist of didactic lectures, followed by small group role play sessions with standardized patients led by experienced faculty and facilitators. We evaluate all trainings to continually improve participants’ experiences. Our facilities include a conference room and six state-of-the-art video-recording training rooms. Virtual training options are also available.

While the curriculum was developed for providing cancer care, it is adaptable for professionals in hospice settings, or those treating people with other chronic or critical health conditions.

Among the areas of instruction covered are:

  • Sharing serious news
  • Discussing prognoses and treatment options
  • Responding to patient and caregiver anger
  • Identifying and addressing palliative needs
  • Handling issues related to end-of-life care, death, and dying
  • Responding to challenging interactions with families
  • Responding empathically to patients’ emotions and concerns
  • Improving team communication

The Comskil program is primarily offered to nurses, faculty, medical trainees, advanced practice providers and other staff who regularly interact with patients at MSK. Training opportunities are occasionally offered to clinicians at other institutions as well. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Comskil program at [email protected].

Upcoming Trainings:

Faculty Members
Patricia A. Parker, PhD
Patricia A. Parker

Director, Communication Skills Training and Research Program

Smita Banerjee
Smita C. Banerjee

Behavioral Scientist

William Rosa, PhD, MBE, MS
William Rosa

Assistant Attending Behavioral Scientist

Affiliated Faculty
William S. Breitbart, MD
William S. Breitbart

Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Jimmie C. Holland Chair

Matthew Doolittle
Matthew N. Doolittle
Jeffrey B. Freedman, MD
Jeffrey B. Freedman
Memorial Sloan Kettering psychiatrist Julia Kearney
Julia A. Kearney

Associate Attending Psychiatrist

Richard Weiner
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center psychologist Talia I. Zaider
Talia I. Zaider

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