Physical Therapy Oncology Residency Program

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Physical Therapy Oncology Residency Program is a comprehensive training experience for physical therapists covering myriad of aspects of assessment and treatment of the individual presenting with functional impairments resulting from cancer and cancer treatments. Emphasis is placed on developing a solid foundation in understanding the principles of oncology rehabilitation based on available evidence-based literature and clinical expertise. This program aims to prepare the resident to synthesize and apply advanced knowledge, clinical skills, and analytical rationale in the evaluation and treatment of patients of all ages affected with cancer; comprehensively addressing an individual’s rehabilitative needs. Our focus will be on a multidisciplinary team approach in managing an individual with cancer in both an acute and outpatient setting.

The MSK Oncology Residency Program for Physical Therapists is an 18- month intensive program with one-to-one clinical mentorship and didactic training.  The program begins in January, and runs for 9-months in our acute care setting, followed by 9-months in our outpatient setting. The program includes:

  • Weekly 6-7 hours of didactic instruction with the curriculum based on specialization in oncology practice. Didactic instruction consists of one-to-one expert clinical mentoring, evidence-based journal reviews, inservices, reading materials, physician-therapy rounds, team meetings, observations, case studies, and pre/post tests.
  • Unique learning opportunities are available to our residents including: medical and surgical rounds,  journal club, special interest group collaborations, rehabilitation grand rounds, exposure to multidisciplinary teams and meetings, early mobility program in the ICU, neurologic observation unit, pediatric ICU, BMT, edema/lymphedema, pelvic floor, vestibular rehabilitation and more.

Program objectives

  • Promote high quality, patient centered care utilizing current evidence based research in the area of oncology physical therapy.
  • Promote the role of physical therapy in the management of the oncology patient across the continuum of care.
  • Promote the development of advanced clinical practitioners in the specialized area of physical therapy rehabilitation oncology management.
  • The program will provide a comprehensive curriculum, that includes didactic coursework and clinical practice skills that are consistent with specialization of physical therapy oncology.
  • The program will provide mentored clinical experiences in evidence-based practice and clinical expertise for pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient populations with early and late effects of cancer treatments resulting in functional impairments in the acute care and outpatient settings. The program will lead to competence in clinical decision-making and management of these populations. 
  • The program’s structure will provide opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary interactions within the various types of cancer (breast, prostate, bone, thoracic, gynecological, sarcoma, GI, head and neck, BMT, etc.) e.g. direct patient care management, patient care rounds, and educational inservices.
  • The program will require the resident to contribute to the advanced practice of oncology physical therapy through participation in and dissemination of knowledge gained through case study reports; inservicing  to other physical therapists, physical therapy students or interns, and/or other healthcare professionals; clinical research; and other administrative/consultation opportunities. The program’s faculty will support the resident’s activities by providing mentorship in the areas of professionalism, leadership, teaching and research.



Length of Program



Applicants for this program must be graduates of an American Physical Therapy Association accredited physical therapy program and a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) in the state of New York or be eligible for a New York State PT license by the beginning of the residency. One-year acute care experience and a doctorate leveled trained PT is preferred, but not required.

How to Apply

We are not currently accepting application.