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Dr. Rona Yaeger
FDA Approves First Colorectal Cancer Treatment that Targets KRAS Gene
The targeted therapy adagrasib was approved for colorectal cancer caused by a mutation called KRAS-G12C, when used in combination with the drug cetuximab. MSK investigators have led much of the research that resulted in this combined drug approval.
Joseph Sun and Rebecca Delconte
Fasting Primes the Immune System’s Natural Killer Cells to Better Fight Cancer, New Study in Mice Finds
Animal model research from MSK has shown for the first time that fasting can reprogram the metabolism of natural killer cells, helping them to survive in the harsh environment in and around tumors, while also improving their cancer-fighting ability.
Dr. Alexander Drilon
FDA Grants Accelerated Approval to Repotrectinib for Cancers with NTRK Fusions 
The FDA has approved the targeted drug repotrectinib for patients 12 and older with tumors that carry gene changes called NTRK fusions. The trial that resulted in the approval was led by MSK investigators.
Sammy gets ready to swing a bat
MSK Earns Top Distinction for Pediatric Cancer Care From American College of Surgeons
Thanks to MSK’s expertise in treating young people with cancer, 16-year-old high school athlete Sammy is back to doing what he loves.
A masked nurse holds a card that says “thanks” in bright colors
2023 MSK Giving
In 2023, the MSK Giving community raised a record-breaking $1 billion — 100% of which will support our mission of ending cancer for life.
Seen are Scott Stuart, MSK Chair, Board of Trustees, and Selwyn M. Vickers, MD, FACS, President and CEO of MSK
A Message From MSK Leaders Selwyn M. Vickers and Scott Stuart
The President and CEO and Chair of the Board at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center introduce the year's highlights in their introductory letter to the 2023 Annual Report.
MSK biochemist and imaging specialist Kayvan Keshari and biomedical engineer Daniel Heller.
A New Breed of Cancer Fighters
Read about a first-of-its kind PhD program that enables aspiring scientists to tackle tough cancer problems.
MSK patient Marc Scarduffa seen holding his dog at the beach.
Clinical Trials at MSK Aim To Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
Learn how MSK is Improving patients’ quality of life with less toxic treatments.
In the Clinic
Male AML patient kneeling next to dog outside.
Controlling a Relentless Leukemia
Read about new targets and tactics for treating acute myeloid leukemia.
Jakki Stout stands in her white coat and holds a sign for the nurses’ suite that was named after her.
From Nurse to Cancer Patient and Back: MSK Nurse Practitioner Jaclyn Stout
Learn about Jakki Stout’s journey from MSK nurse practitioner to breast cancer patient and back to being an even more helpful and inspiring nurse at MSK.