Science for Scientists: “MSK Science Spotlight” to Feature Dana Pe’er, PhD

MSK Science Spotlight

Tune in to today’s “MSK Science Spotlight.” The Sloan Kettering Institute’s online seminar series for the scientific community features illuminating lectures by today’s leaders in basic and translational biomedical science and reminds us all that the fight against cancer must not stop even in the face of an unprecedented global public health crisis.

The April 20 lecture, “A Single Cell Lens into the Roles of Cellular Plasticity in Development and Cancer,” will feature Dana Pe’er, PhD, Chair of the Computational and Systems Biology Program at SKI and Scientific Director of the Alan and Sandra Gerry Metastasis and Tumor Ecosystems Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Pe’er joins a list of distinguished colleagues and collaborators who have been featured in past segments, including Scott Lowe, PhD and Charles Sawyers, MD, among others.

Dana Pe'er, PhD

Dana Pe’er, PhD

“MSK Science Spotlight” seminars take place every Monday and Wednesday at ET and will last 60 minutes, including 15 minutes for Q&A. Detailed information about seminar speakers, dates, and times as well as live streams and recorded video are available here