MSK Kids Clinical Trials Team


Clinical trials are big feats. They require a number of people to make sure they’re run safely and efficiently. There are several team members involved in clinical trials who may be different than the members of your child’s regular care team. Here are some of the people you might meet if your child participates in a clinical trial:

  • Principal Investigator (PI): This person is usually a doctor. He or she plans out the trial’s concept and goals. The PI oversees the trial, ensures participants are safe, and makes sure all members of the research team are performing their roles effectively and efficiently.  
  • Co-Investigators (Co-PIs) or Investigators: Co-PIs and investigators assist the PI in designing and overseeing the trial, but do not have the primary responsibility for how it’s conducted.
  • Clinical Trial Nurses (CTNs): CTNs provide continuity of care throughout your child’s time in the study. They teach participants about the trial, help them complete surveys, and guide them in completing medication diaries.
  • Research Coordinators/Specialists: These team members help organize trial-related tasks.
  • Research Pharmacists: Research pharmacists give participants the medications they need for the trial. They adhere to the study’s design and give each participant the correct dosage.