Immune Discovery & Modeling Service (IDMS)


Jaap Jan Boelens
Kinga Hosszu


The Memorial Sloan Kettering Immune Discovery & Modeling Service (IDMS) provides innovative, state-of-the-art technologies to measure drug levels, detect proteins, and identify rare cell types at levels not detectable by conventional clinical instruments. Our mission is to help improve hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cellular therapies by exploring how individual differences between patients and overall cellular intervention strategies impact the efficacy of these therapies. We consider these cellular interventions as package therapies, including the variations in exposure of drugs given in the conditioning regimen, that can impact the immune milieu after transplantation, and subsequently the outcomes.

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Madhavi Lakkaraja

Research Fellow

Devin McAvoy

Senior Research Assistant

Alexandre Troullioud Lucas

Research Fellow

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