Stem Cell Research: Overview

SKI Stem Cell Research Core Services model

Techniques and services available at the facility include:

  • Training in hPSC culture and genetic modification.
  • hPSCs (hESCs/hiPSCs) banking.
  • Gene editing in hPSCs using CRIPSR-based approaches including gene knock-out/ SNP knock-in and generation of gene corrected isogenic PSC lines.
  • Generation of hPSC reporter lines by gene targeting
  • iPSC derivation from primary fibroblasts/blood-derived (PBMCs) or urinary cells.
  • Directed differentiation of hPSCs into various lineage-specific cell types.
  • hPSC-related chemical screening.
  • Sharing of specialized equipment.
  • Custom services and collaborative projects with individual investigators or consortia

Additionally, we continually refine and adapt the newest technologies relevant to hPSC research including genetic manipulation, directed differentiation and reprogramming to offer state-of-the-art services to the Tri-Institutional community.