Cosmetic Mask with Enhanced Antioxidant Delivery


Cosmetic Mask with Enhanced Antioxidant Delivery


Summary of Invention

This invention enables a cosmetic mask to effectively deliver active substances to the skin, greatly improving the cosmetic benefits garnered from such products. Cosmetic masks currently on the market contain various antioxidants, such as Q10, resveratrol, green tea extract, and vitamins A, C, and E, to improve skin vibrancy.  These are ineffective, however, because active ingredients are dissolved in solvents long before the mask is applied to the skin, which greatly reduces their potency.

This is a packaging technology that keeps active substances in powder form, separate from solvents, prior to use of the mask, thus preserving stability and activity levels. Just before use, consumers apply force to a plastic pouch, thereby rupturing it and enabling the solvent to mix with powdered active substances. Users then unseal the package and apply the cosmetic mask to skin, while antioxidants and other substances still retain their efficacy.


In a highly competitive consumer marketplace, this packaging technology offers manufacturers the ability to deliver cosmetic facial masks with enhanced benefits.

Market Opportunities

The cosmetic face mask is the fastest-growing sector in the Chinese cosmetics market. Retail sales of cosmetic facial masks in China rose 14.2% last year to nearly $1.1B. Worldwide, the facial care market had revenues of $50B in 2010.

Areas of Application


Patent Information

U.S. Issued National Patent 14/900,941 issued; China issued National Patent ZL 201480044035.3; U.S. Divisional application published (June 27, 2019); National and National Divisional applications pending in China and Japan

Lead Investigator

Dr. Steven Q. Wang, MD, Head, Basking Ridge Dermatology Section; Director of Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatology, Basking Ridge, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Contact Information

Benjamin Mumford, MS, Licensing Manager

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