SH-SY5Y: Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line (ATCC CRL-2266)

SK 810

SH-SY5Y: Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line (ATCC CRL-2266)

SK 810


SH-SY5Y is a thrice-subcloned cell line derived from the SK-N-SH neuroblastoma cell line. It serves as a model for neurodegenerative disorders since the cells can be converted to various types of functional neurons by the addition of specific compounds. In addition, the SH-SY5Y cell line has been used widely in experimental neurological studies, including analysis of neuronal differentiation, metabolism, and function related to neurodegenerative processes, neurotoxicity, and neuroprotection.


This cell line was derived from the SH-SY subclone of the parental SK-N-SH human neuroblastoma cell line. The parental SK-N-SH cell line was established in 1970 from metastatic cells found in the bone marrow aspirate of a four-year-old female of unknown ethnicity.


  • June L. Biedler, PhD, former Chairman, Cell Biology and Genetics Program, Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Barbara A. Spengler, formerly at Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Key References

Ross RA et al. (1983) Coordinate morphological and biochemical interconversion of human neuroblastoma cells. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 71: 741-748 (PubMed ID: 6137586)

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