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SK-MEL-26: Human Melanoma Cell Line



SK-MEL-26 is one of a series of melanoma cell lines established from patient-derived tumor samples. This cell line expresses mutant B-Raf (V600E) and wildtype N-Ras. SK-MEL-26 cells form tumors in immunocompromised mice.


This cell line was established in 1975 from a subcutaneous malignant melanoma on the right leg of a 54-year-old Caucasian female.


  • Lloyd J. Old, MD, former William E. Snee Chair in Cancer Immunology, Memorial Sloan Kettering; former Director, New York Branch, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
  • Toshitada Takahashi, MD, formerly at Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Key References

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  • Xing F et al. (2012) Concurrent loss of the PTEN and RB1 tumor suppressors attenuates RAF dependence in melanomas harboring (V600E) BRAF. Oncogene 31(4): 446-457 (PubMed ID: 21725359)

Licensing Information

This cell line may be licensed nonexclusively for research or commercial purposes.

Contact Information

  • For licensing requests: Alexandra Buga, MBA, Business Development Analyst, Office of Technology Development, MSK, 646-888-1078,
  • For non-licensing requests from academic-research institutions: Frances Weis-Garcia, PhD, Associate Laboratory Member/Head, Antibody & Bioresource Core Facility, MSK, 646-888-2354,

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