Inflammation and tissue regeneration


Dendritic cells initiate inflammatory responses against pathogens; however, resolution of inflammation and tissue regeneration is critical to restore tissue homeostasis. We have uncovered dendritic cell lineages with complementary roles in tissue repair, tolerance and inflammation. Using a combination of advanced spatial imaging techniques, single cell profiling and computational approaches to decode the cellular circuitry between dendritic cells, immune and stromal cells, our work addresses the following questions:

  • What are the molecular programs underlying dendritic cell heterogeneity?
  • What are the signals that shape the balance between dendritic cell subsets within the tissue?
  • How do distinct dendritic cell microenvironments influence T cell mediated immunity?
  • What is the role of dendritic cells in resolution of inflammation and tissue repair?

We have established novel genetic models to temporally perturb dendritic cell lineages and our research addresses their role in inflammation, immune tolerance and tissue repair.