Kayvan R. Keshari: Publications


Lees H, Millan M, Ahamed F, Eskandari R, Granlund KL, Jeong S, Keshari KR. (2020) Multi-sample measurement of hyperpolarized pyruvate-to-lactate flux in melanoma cells. NMR Biomed. :e4447. doi: 10.1002/nbm.4447. Online ahead of print.

Jeong S, Eskandari R, Park SM, Alvarez J, Tee SS, Weissleder R, Kharas MG, Lee H, Keshari KR. (2017) Real-time quantitative analysis of metabolic flux in live cells using a hyperpolarized micromagnetic resonance spectrometer. Sci Adv. Jun 16;3(6):e1700341

Salamanca-Cardona L, Shah H, Poot AJ, Correa FM, Di Gialleonardo V, Lui H, Miloushev VZ, Granlund KL, Tee SS, Cross JR, Thompson CB, Keshari KR. (2017) In vivo imaging of glutamine metabolism to the oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate in IDH1/2 mutant tumors. Cell Metab. Dec. 5;26(6):830-841

Dong Y, Eskandari R, Ray C, Granlund K, Dos Santos-Cunha L, Miloushev V, Tee SS, Jeong S, Cheng EH, Hsieh JJ, Keshari KR. (2019) Hyperpolarized MRI Visualizes Warburg Effects and Predicts mTOR Inhibitor Treatment Response in Patient-Derived ccRCC Xenograft Models. Cancer Res. Jan. 1;79(1):242-250

Granlund KL, Tee SS, Vargas HA, Lyashenko SK, Reznik E, Fine S, Laudone V, Eastham JA, Touijer KA, Reuter VE, Gonen M, Sosoa RE, Nicholson D, Guo YW, Chen AP, Tropp J, Robb F, Hricak H, Keshari KR. (2019) Hyperpolarized MRI of Human Prostate Cancer Reveals Increased Lactate with Tumor Grade Driven by Monocarboxylate Transporter 1. Cell Metab. Sep;21(19):1550-4131

Deh K, Granlund KL, Eskandari R, Kim N, Mamakhanyan A, Keshari KR. (2020) Dynamic volumetric hyperpolarized 13 C imaging with multi-echo EPI. Magn Reson Med. Aug 15.

Jeong S, Savino AM, Chirayil R, Barin E, Cheng Y, Park SM, Schurer A, Mullarky E, Cantley LC, Kharas MG, Keshari KR. (2020) High fructose drives the serine synthesis pathway in acute myeloid leukemic cells. Cell Metab. Dec 22 In press

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