Elizabeth Wasmuth, BS

Graduate Student

Elizabeth Wasmuth, BS

Graduate Student

Elizabeth Wasmuth




BS, Cornell University


Christopher D. Lima


Wasmuth, E., Lima, C. (2012) Exo- and endoribonucleolytic activities of yeast cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA exosomes are dependent on the noncatalytic core and central channel. Mol Cell, 48, 133-144. PMID: 22902556; PMCID: PMC3472098.

Wasmuth, E., Lima, C. (2012) Structure and activities of the eukaryotic RNA exosome. Chapter in the book “The Enzymes” 31, 53-75. ISBN: 18746047. Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Guillaume F. Chanfreau, Fuyuhiko Tamanoi.

Wasmuth, E., Januszyk, K., Lima, C. (2014) Structure of an Rrp6-RNA exosome complex bound to polyA RNA. Nature. In Press.