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In the Lab

Study Provides New Clues about the Diversity of Prostate Cancer Subtypes

A multicenter study led by MSK investigators has found seven subtypes based on their molecular characteristics.

DNA strands

In the Clinic

Five Innovations Helping MSK Transform Outpatient Cancer Surgery in 2016

The Josie Robertson Surgery Center will greatly enhance the way patients experience outpatient cancer surgery.

Two people in surgical scrubs stand in an operating room underneath large light panels and screens with medical information.


Looking Beyond DNA Defects to Characterize Cancer

Technologies that look only at mutations in DNA may miss other kinds of defects that can occur in cancer cells.

Melanoma cell

In the Lab

Scouting for Metastasis: New Study Uncovers the Role of Exosomes in Cancer’s Spread

MSK researchers have discovered that tumors send out signals to prepare particular organs for metastasis, so cancer cells that spread there can survive and grow.

Electron microscope image of three exosomes, which appear as blue concave discs on light green background.


Better View of Immune Landscape Leads to New Targets for Cancer Therapy

A study provides new clues about how the enzyme IDO relates to cancer.

Stained melanoma tissue


Six Advances in Urology Pioneered at MSK

As our Urology Service celebrates its centennial, we take a look at a few of the most practice-changing treatments and tools developed at MSK.

Doctors and nurses in an operating room during the early 20th century.


Preventing Misdiagnosis and Other Diagnostic Errors: MSK’s Radiology Chief on What Can Be Done

Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime. What can be done about it? Hedvig Hricak, head of radiology at MSK, explains.

A row of radiology scans hanging from the wall.

In the Clinic

New Thyroid Cancer Guidelines Reflect Altered Treatment Landscape

New guidelines for the treatment of thyroid cancer recommend a conservative approach toward many small tumors — a strategy already in place at MSK.

Woman lying back receiving ultrasound on neck.

Ask the Expert

Should Cancer Patients Get the Flu Vaccine During Treatment?

Infectious disease specialist Mini Kamboj explains whether it’s safe to receive the flu vaccine during cancer treatment.

A person gets a flu vaccine injected into the arm.

In the News

The Link Between Meat and Cancer: MSK Experts Explain the Headlines

Does eating processed meat or red meat really cause cancer?

A platter of different processed meats