Gil Redelman-Sidi, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Pictured: Gil Redelman-Sidi

About Me

I am an internist and infectious disease specialist with a special interest in the care of patients with infections related to cancer or its treatment. I am particularly interested in treating mycobacterial infections among immunocompromised patients, including infections with nontuberculous mycobacteria.

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The focus of my laboratory research is the use of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), a bacterium normally used as a vaccine against tuberculosis, as an immunotherapy for bladder cancer. The aim of my research is to understand the mechanism of action of BCG, with the long-term goal of translating this understanding into improved care for patients with early-stage bladder cancer.

In the past several years, the field of cancer immunotherapy has expanded far beyond BCG therapy for bladder cancer. These exciting new therapies are associated with robust response rates, but the full extent of side effects associated with these agents is yet unknown. My fascination with BCG immunotherapy of bladder cancer has also led to an interest in these novel methods of immunotherapy, and I have embarked on a study of infections among patients receiving various forms of cancer immunotherapy. 

  • Clinical Expertise: Infectious Diseases; Management of Infections and Infectious Complications of Cancer or Its Treatment
  • Languages Spoken: English; Hebrew; Spanish
  • Education: MD, Sackler School of Medicine (Israel)
  • Residencies: Jacobi Medical Center (New York)
  • Fellowships: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Board Certifications: Internal Medicine; Infectious Disease

My Research

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Books and Book Chapters
“Patients with Cancer or Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant: Infection with 2009H1N1 Influenza.” Redelman-Sidi G. Chapter 38 in Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury, Volume 2. MA Hayat, ed. Springer 2012.

“Rhodotorual Species.” Gil Redelman-Sidi, Susan K. Seo, Arthur E. Brown. In Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines; Volume 1: Microbes ( Yu VL, et al, editors. ESun Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA, 2007.

“Relapsing Fever,” Gil Sidi, Eli Schwartz. Chapter 19 in Tropical Diseases in Travelers, E. Schwartz. Wiley-Blackwell, July 2009.

Clinical Trials

As home to one of the world’s top cancer research centers, Memorial Sloan Kettering is typically involved in more than 900 clinical trials at a given time. Currently, clinical trials focused on the conditions I treat are enrolling new patients. If you’re interested in joining a clinical trial, click to learn about the trial’s purpose, eligibility criteria, and how to get more information.

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