Hilda S. Quintanilla

Nurse Practitioner

Hilda S. Quintanilla

Nurse Practitioner
Hilda S. Quintanilla

I joined Memorial Sloan Kettering in 1988 as a staff nurse in what eventually became the leukemia-lymphoma inpatient unit. As a staff nurse, I was involved in staff education and guiding, or precepting, new registered nurses. I played an active charge nurse role, and was part of multiple hospital wide committees.

In 1999, I assisted in developing the chemotherapy nurse verification role at the new outpatient facility, Rockefeller Outpatient Pavilion on 53rd Street. A year later, I returned to the inpatient leukemia unit at the hospital.

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Upon becoming a Nurse Practitioner in 2004, I joined the inpatient Leukemia and Lymphoma Services, and provided help for each as needed. Among other functions I obtain patient histories, perform physical examinations, order and interpret diagnostic tests, collaborate with doctors in customizing individualized patient treatment plans, and address common treatment-related adverse and critical events.

Clinical Expertise

Multiple Myeloma

Languages Spoken



Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner (AOCNP)


Master in Nursing Science (MSN), Saint Peter’s University
Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP), Saint Peter’s University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Saint Peter’s University
Registered Professional Nurse (RN)