Call! Don't Fall!

This information describes what you can do to keep from falling and stay safe while you’re in the hospital. Being in the hospital can make you weak. Follow these guidelines to avoid falling.

Call! Don't Fall!
  • Call for help every time you need to get out of bed or up from a chair.
  • Don’t go to the bathroom alone.
  • Don’t bend over. If you drop something, call for help.
  • Don’t lean on furniture that has wheels, such as your bedside table, over-bed table, or IV pole.
  • Wear safe, supportive shoes. Examples include shoes with laces and slippers with nonskid soles. Don’t wear shoes or slippers with an open back.
  • Call for help right away if you see any spills on the floor.
  • Use the grab bars in the bathroom and railings in the hallways.
  • If you have glasses or hearing aid(s), wear them when you’re awake.
  • Let us know what you will need near you. Help us make sure we have:
    • Placed your call button where you can reach it
    • Placed items you may need (such as your phone, books, or glasses) where you can reach them
    • Turned on a night light before it gets dark
    • Raised the top bedrail to keep you safe
    • Removed any clutter from around your bedside and chairside

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