Brain Tumor Remote Second Opinions from Neurosurgeons at MSK

Brain Tumor Remote Second Opinions from Neurosurgeons at MSK


When you’re diagnosed with brain cancer or a benign tumor, seeking a second opinion is an important step. It can help ensure that you have the most accurate diagnosis of your brain tumor and the best care plan for your condition. Thanks to our remote opinion service, you can still receive a medical opinion about your brain tumor by requesting one online from our world-class Department of Neurosurgery, even if you are not able to travel to Memorial Sloan Kettering for an appointment. 

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How do remote second opinions work?

Our expert neurosurgeons can review your medical records without you having to travel to meet with us, and we will get the second opinion back to you in 48 hours. Our neurosurgeons will not examine you or talk to you in person, and you don’t need to come to a Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) location. After you send us your medical records, a nurse from our neurosurgery team will contact you to discuss your information and ask a few questions. Within 48 hours, we’ll send a written report that you and your local doctor can use to discuss which brain cancer or benign tumor treatment is best for you. You are still under the care of the local healthcare provider who is treating you and examining you in person. 

We offer remote second opinions about:

Please note that our remote opinion service costs $400 and is not covered by your health insurance. 

How do I request a remote brain cancer or benign tumor opinion online?

Getting started is easy. You will need to register for a free and secure MyMSK account and complete the Neurosurgery Remote Opinion online form and upload your records. You can register here. Once you complete the form, you will get a confirmation, and hear from a specialized MSK neurosurgery nurse who will call you to gather additional details. 

How long does it take to get a remote opinion from the neurosurgeon?

Within two days, you will receive your written remote second opinion.

You may also be able to meet with an MSK neurosurgeon from the convenience of your home via telemedicine. You can request a telemedicine appointment online or call 212-639-3006

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