MSK’s Multidisciplinary GVHD Clinic

MSK’s Multidisciplinary GVHD Clinic


It’s important that graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is detected and treated right away. Successful treatment is more likely when GVHD is found earlier. If untreated, GVHD can cause severe, irreversible damage to the organs. Sometimes this can become very serious, requiring admission to the hospital, prolonged care, and a decreased quality of life.

MSK’s multidisciplinary GVHD clinic evaluates and treats adults and children who have undergone a stem cell or bone marrow transplant (BMT) using cells from a donor (an allogeneic transplant). The clinic is made up of doctors and nurses who are experts in diagnosing and treating the different forms of GVHD.  

Our clinic is open to people who had a BMT here, as well as people who had a BMT at another hospital.

Visits with our clinic may be conducted in person or via telemedicine. During an in-person visit, we perform a comprehensive exam to determine which parts of the body may be affected. A telemedicine visit uses technology to care for you without having to travel to our office; we conduct our evaluations using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

When you schedule an appointment, we will send you an informational packet about GVHD and our clinic. If the visit is via telemedicine, we will include an at-home photography guide so that you can take pictures of your skin and other areas of your body that may be affected by GVHD. We may ask you to have bloodwork completed prior to your visit. This can be done at one of MSK’s regional sites or with your local doctor.

Many different kinds of doctors may be needed to manage a person’s care, including experts in bone marrow transplantation, dermatology, dental care, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, nursing, and social work. In our clinic, patients see these experts at the same time. They work together to provide combined recommendations about which treatments are needed.

How Make an Appointment at MSK’s GVHD Clinic

If you are experiencing symptoms that you think could be GVHD, contact the office of one of our doctors to schedule an appointment.

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