Kidney Cancer Treatment

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Pictured: Arlyn Apollo

Medical oncologist Arlyn Apollo greets a kidney cancer patient at our regional facility in Rockville Centre, Long Island — one of Memorial Sloan Kettering's several suburban treatment locations.

MSK is ranked #1 in the nation for Urology Cancer Care by U.S. News & World Report. At MSK, we tailor kidney cancer treatment to you, based on your needs and overall health. Our kidney cancer experts use a team approach. We look at information such as:

  • Your diagnosis
  • The type, size, and location of the kidney tumor
  • How deep the tumor is in your kidney
  • How the tumor has grown or changed over time
  • Whether the tumor has metastasized (spread)
  • Other health problems that may be affected by your treatment

Specialists in all areas of kidney cancer will make a treatment plan just for you. They are experts in pathology, medical oncology, surgery, interventional radiology, radiation therapy, and supportive care. They work together to give you the best outcome possible. 

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