Radiation Therapy for Kidney Cancer

Radiation therapy can shrink or kill tumor cells. If surgery isn’t an option for you, we may recommend this approach.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) uses real-time imaging with a CT scan or x-rays during radiation therapy to help ensure an ideal setup and lack of motion during treatment. This allows your treatment team to deliver radiation with incredible accuracy.

What Is IGRT?
IGRT is a type of radiation therapy that uses imaging technologies such as PET, MRI, and CT to more accurately and safely deliver radiation to cancer cells.
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This treatment is not invasive, and you can usually do it during an office visit, instead of having to spend the night.

IGRT side effects are often mild. The radiation dose is precise and very concentrated, which is the best way to eliminate kidney cancer cells. You can receive the therapy in one to five daily treatments, and IGRT works well with chemotherapy or between chemotherapy cycles.