Follow-Up Care & Support for Lymphoma

Follow-Up Care & Support for Lymphoma

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After your treatment, our doctors, including medical oncologist Andrew Zelenetz, provide close follow-up care to ensure that you remain healthy.

After you’re done with active treatment, you will continue to see your doctor to make sure you’re healthy.

Your doctor will monitor you for side effects from the treatment and signs that the cancer has returned.

These checkups may include:

  • a physical exam
  • blood tests
  • the drawing of bone marrow
  • biopsies
  • x-rays or other imaging tests

These tests will be tailored to your specific situation. How long you are cared for at MSK and how frequently you see your doctors depends on the nature of your disease, its stage, and the treatments you received.

Recognizing that some lymphoma patients develop long-term health conditions, MSK established a program to quickly identify and address these issues. Our Lymphoma Survivorship Clinic welcomes MSK survivors of all ages, as well as people initially treated for the disease at other institutions.

In the Lymphoma Survivorship Clinic, you will see a survivorship advanced practice provider (APP) for your care. A survivorship APP is a member of the lymphoma healthcare team that specializes in caring for people after they’ve finished their treatment. One type of APP is a nurse practitioner (NP).

Your survivorship NP will help you manage your life after cancer treatment, including the physical and emotional effects of cancer and late effects of treatment. Your NP will also look out for signs of cancer recurrence (cancer coming back) or the development of a second cancer.

Your MSK Follow-Up Providers

Jennifer Gorelov
Jennifer Gorelov

Nurse Practitioner

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